25 years ago, we made plans to provide car owners with the maximum car security there is to offer. 25 years later,we expanded our expertise in this field and emerged as one of Singapore’s leading car security system manufacturer and distributor.

Here at SingTech, we offer a myriad of products ranging from car security system to fuel-saving system, central-locking system to park-assist system, all these with the ultimate intention to simplify your needs. Our dedicated team also provides personalised services to suit your individual needs in the aftermarket.

Our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure that they are of high standards to meet your expectation. They have been tested and tried to be user-friendly and easy to install.

We believe that there are many like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations and value the same things as us. We are reaching out to those who are like us; those who believe that we can foster a mutually beneficial partnership in this growing industry. We will provide you with our skills and competence every step of the way to support you in this journey of success.

Vision: SingTech is all about simplifying your needs. Our vision is to serve local and international market with our products which are world-class standards.
Mission: To provide maximum car security to all car owners.